TCS37-200C.1 EMKS

TCS37-200C.1 EMKS
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  • Цена: 167.5лв

Timer, Counter & Speed

Inputs:Speed Measuring Input, Output Disable

Input Type: NPN/PNP input type can be chosen by a program parameter

Input Connection:Switch, Enductive Sensor, Capasitive Sensor, Encoder and similar sensors can be connected.

Multiplication Factor:  Adjustable Between 00.0001 and 99.9999

Multiplication Factor2: Adjustable between 1 and 3600
Used in unit conversions

Other Features:Fast Reading or Slow Reading with Adjustable Protection Time (for Speed Reading Input)
Control Output Masking Input and Adjustable Protection Time
Histeresis Value
Delay Times on pulling/releasing
Latching Feature for Output
Delay feature while opening for output control function
Different Alarm Selections
Program input lock
Set input lock
Programming and Changing Set Value Easily on Front Panel